Building and backing the next generation of 100-year companies.

How we do things

What defines us, sets us apart and fires us up, is a relentless focus on creating value. Real value. The kind of value that is driven by a long-term mindset to create a lasting impact and legacies to be proud of. The kind of value that goes beyond a fund cycle, an annual offsite and a quarterly board meeting.

We’re not the kind of investor that writes a cheque only to sit back and watch an entrepreneur face the grind on their own. We believe the relationship between an entrepreneur and an investor should be a “marriage of equals”.

In fact, we don’t really see ourselves as investors at all. We’re operators, company builders and value creators. One that will follow up, follow on and follow through! One that will work under the radar, in the trenches and with feet on the ground. One that will provide unrivalled access to global networks, markets and customers to those with the biggest vision, so they can create a lasting impact and legacies to be proud of.

We are on a mission to build a firm that every entrepreneur wants to partner with and create real value.

For 100 years. At least.

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